bleeding after lletz

Hi girls . I had the treatment a couple of weeks ago I didn’t bleed at first just a bit of discharge. I have just started bleeding I’m all OK it’s like a light period then all of a sudden it loads of blood and filling a pad up within 5 minutes then I’m OK again Just like a light period. It’s happened last night then I just come home from work today and it happened again. Now at the moment its just light again. it’s just the couple of times loads of blood All at once. Is this normal ? Thanks

Hi Charlene

I'd give the colposcopy clinic or your GP a ring if I were you. Very heavy bleeding like that can be a sign of infection, so you might need some antibiotics. The leaflet that they gave me said that if you are filling a pad in under an hour, you should go back to see them about it.

hope that helps


Hi just a update. I rang the clinic she said to keep a eye on it and don't do any heavy lifting . Which I had I didn't really think about it cause I felt fine. But yeah I told work I wasn't to lift anything heavy and the bleeding completely stopped after a couple of days. So lesson learned listen to the doctors lol