Bleeding after LLETZ

Hi All,


I had my colposcopy and lletz procedure yesterday. It was not as straightforward as they hoped and I ended up losing a lot of blood and needed an internal stitch. 

i would like some advice please. Has anyone else had to have a stitch to stop the bleeding? I am also bleeding now and don't believe I should be bleeding immediately after the procedure. I will call the colposcopy clinic when they open but wondered if anyone had been in a similar situation?

Thanks in advance.


I went back for LLETZ treatment yesterday and had it. The dr said I bled a lot more than what is considered normal so what was supposed to take 20 minutes ended up being about an hour. Luckily he let me wait in a room & have a drink etc for twenty mins before checking the amount of blood I had loss of my pad. If I had quite abit of blood if have had to go back in for further treatment he said but luckily there was none and ive had none since. I'd give them a call and just ask.... I wonder why we bled a lot more tho.. Scary

Thanks Gemlou.

I was the same and in there about an hour. I did wait for about 20 minutes after and was made to go to the loo but wasn't sure if it was just a little blood from the procedure. 

Bit worrying that I am bleeding especially with the stitch. It is scary as to why we bled more. Will call them and see what they say. 

Thanks  again.


I has procedure done last wk, and I was told anymore blood that just spotting to contact the drs asap. 


I I think you should. 


Thanks Roxi,

Have left a message and waiting for them to call back. 

Fingers crossed it's not too long.


Let us know what they say. I had LLETZ yesterday too but didn't have a stitch. I am loosing some blood (browny coloured) is yours red? X

Thanks for your reply. 

Mine was red and now pinky in colour. I had no call back so I will see how it is overnight and call again tomorrow if I need to. Just concerned as they said I bled a lot during the procedure and needed to keep an eye on it. 

Hopefully it will be ok tomorrow. 


I hope it calms down for you over night. 

I asked whilst I was there about bleeding and they said 

if more than spotting, then could be an infection, 

and to contact them, 

they gave me a piece of paper and on it was a name of A drug, that I would need, 

if this happened. 



Hi Ladies,

An update! One of the nurses that was in with me when I had the procedure called me back this morning and said what I am describing sounds normal. The bleeding has calmed down now. She said I may experience slightly different healing process due to having the stitch which isn't all that common. 

Now also panicking a little more (which she told me not to do!!) as she said the affected area was quite large and they had to take a large biopsy. I know the 4 weeks are going to drag for my results but I am worrying. For a start my results changed from borderline to high grade in 6 months which the consultant said is not all that common and then I find out that a large area was affected. Trying to be positive but not feeling it at the mo!!

Also, I am on the pill and my break is due from Monday. In anyone's experience, is it best for me to have my break as normal or carry on  to another packet so I Can monitor bleeding etc properly?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the panicky message. 


Hi Ladies,

Some advice please. I had my colposcopy and Lletz 9 days ago. I came on my normal period on Wednesday so 2 days ago. Today I have had some extremely heavy bleeding. Without going into too much info, I had to change my trousers twice today. One was a quick dash into a shop to get a pair of jeans. I then passed a clot the size of a golf ball. I was at my Mum's and i panicked which caused her to panic and call an ambulance. 

Long story short they have advised me to keep an eye on the bleeding and take myself to my local a and e if it continues. Although the bleeding was worrying as I have never been that heavy before, I kind of expected my first period to be heavier than normal. It was the clot that scared me, it was the size of it. 

Has anone else experienced the really heavy bleeding and large clots?

Sorry for the TMI but a little worried. 

Thanks in advance.