Bleeding after lletz

Hi, I had lletz done under general anaesethic this morning. Since then I have been bleeding a lot of bright red blood. I am not sure if this is my period starting as it is also due around this time.

Any advice on what to expect regarding bleeding after lletz / when I should worry and contact my doctor? 

Hi CatherineB,

You might benefit from reading our blog on recovering after LLETZ: 

Please know you can also use our Ask the Expert Service too whenever you have any medical questions: 

Please do go back to your colposcopist though if you are ever very concerned, as they will know your situation fully and can help answer any queries.

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Bleeding after LLETZ is normal, but excessive isn’t. The general rule is: if you’re having to change a normal pad every hour, it‘s wise to contact your colposcopist or GP. You may also pass clots, which is normal and some gritty brownish clots - this is the scab falling away when it’s healed.

The main thing to be looking out for is infection. If you start discharging smelly greenish discharge, possibly with a temperature, pain and nausea, you’ll need antibiotics from your GP.

Hi there,

I was just discharged from the emergency dept last night. I had my LLETZ procedure on 05/09 - exactly 2 weeks aftwr 19/09, I started bleeding profusely. I was at work and the blood soaked through my pad, undies and pants :(

I thought it was my periods but I went to the loo to check, a blood clot the size of my fist came out. I was horrified and had to sit there and wait for the bleeding to stop. It didn’t so I went straight to the hospital where the doctor pulled out a massive clot and she told me it’s most likely an infection. I was given augmentin duo forte, pretty strong antibiotics. The bleeding has subsided but I have some abdominal cramps and I feel very lethargic. I’ve been told to take the week off and not to do anything strenuous for the next few days. 

Have you had any bleeding with clots?