Bleeding after lletz

Hi all,

I had my lletz procedure 2 weeks ago under general anaesthetic.  I had no pain or cramps whatsoever after and no bleeding either. Just the odd white discharge and didn't even feel like I had anything done.

As I was feeling ok I started to walk with a 5 min at a time jog to keep my fitness up. Felt no pain or bleeding after the exercising so carried on.

I started bleeding 3 days ago (which is when my period was due) but the bleeding is heavier than normal. I have been reading comments on here saying that people have had bleeding because scabs have come off but now I am not sure if this is just my period or the running has caused a scab to come off. Not even sure  the scab would look like as not seen anything come out other than blood clots (which I get anyway)  

i have a holiday in 2 weeks so hoping the bleeding stops and it is just my period! Any one else experienced this and the bleeding was just a period? albiet heavier?



Hey, I had bleeding after which was also around the same time as my period and it was heavier but they do say it can be after lletz because of increased blood flow. I also had scabs come out which were like black and about a cm wide plus lots of little black bits. I wouldn't worry too much about the running if it was only a few minute, we still have to live as normal I think it's just sex that they are really cautious with because of infection. 

I had my period the week after LLETZ and it was far heavier than normal. As Beccy says its because there is an increase blood flow to the area whilst it heals. 

I'm still bleeding 2 weeks later. Wish it would stop

I had the loop treatment 4.5 weeks ago. I bled a bit initally then had this black/grey stuff for nearly a week. I have bed until 2 days ago, thought it was all over (inluding my period would have been due on just over a week ago - it's usually around 5 days and not that heavy). I had been worried that I was still bleeding around 3 weeks in so called my GP who advised that my period had come early. I had sex last night and then today. .....There was lots of fresh blood today and (I hadn't noticed until today some dried blood presumably  from last night) . I thought the bleeding had stopped and was past the four week mark......I then had some cramping,  does this mean I have not healed? I am sick of bleeding and sick of sanitary towels! 

Thanks for the replies. The bleeding has stopped today so was just a heavier period. It's just reading these threads lots of them are like you can't exercise for 4 weeks after as had caused lots of bleeding and I start to think that's me! Must stop reading everything!