Bleeding after lletz

I’m new to this, I had LLETZ on 3rd April 2017 (16 days ago), I am still bleeding, not much but at least 2-3 times a day I have a new lot of fresh bright red blood come, it doesn’t last long but I am just checking this is normal.

The straw colour discharge is there most times I go to the toilet too.

I don’t want to phone up the hospital for no reason but I had it that the bleeding was going to be a week tops and not 2 weeks plus.

Thank you

Hi Deesimp5,

If it helps, I was advised at my recent appointment that women are at an increased risk for bleeding at around the 2-week mark after a LLETZ procedure because the 'scab' should be coming away or at least breaking down at that point. I was also told that recovery can take 4-6 weeks, so I'm guessing light bleeding for the first month isn't unheard of.

Hopefully someone who is fully recovered from their treatment will weigh in soon... I'm also curious. :)