bleeding after lletz loop

Hi there,

I am 24 years old and had my first smear test a few weeks back which came back showing CIN 3, severe dyskariosis.  I was referred directly to colposcopy for treatment which I had a couple of weeks later, Thursday just gone.  My sister also had to have treatment following her first smear and my mother has had the lletz loop done on more than one occasion.  So I was well clued up about the treatment and aware of the fact that CIN 3 is not at all diagnostic of cervical cancer so that has not been a worry for me.  Of course I was squeamish about the procedure but watching a Youtube video of it being done was actually really helpful.  The colposcopy and loop went well, I saw the area of cell abormality just below the little hole that is my cervix.  They then turned the monitor away and gave me the local anasthetic.  However the nurse doing the procedure was noticably a bit panicky, started saying something about it being too close to the vaginal wall and then she swapped over with another nurse while they said that I had an extremely small cervix.  The next nurse pulled out the small loop and it was over and done with in seconds.  In fact I couldn't believe when she said she was finished because it was nothing!  The most painful part was the local anasthetic!


So I have rested for 3 days.  All I've done is house work and some grocery shopping, I was even afraid to drive over speed bumps for the first day incase my whole uterus fell out of my cervix or something horrible like that.  I had no pain really but was extremely squeamish about what I'd had done.  Anyway several hours after having the loop done I fainted and lost consciousness twice in my apartment, luckily my mum was there.  After my fainting episodes I threw up all over the floor and then I was right as rain.  I put it down to not having eaten for a few hours and making myself feel gross about the procedure.  Also the next day I attempted to go to the shops for some food, felt nauseous all the way there and decided not to go in and drove all the way back home. 


Yesterday, 2 days post loop, I noticed some little clumps of tissue coming out of my vagina into my underwear.  It looked like scar tissue or dead tissue or something, and smelled very metallic.  The colour was dark pink/brown and it was stretchy.  Along with this I started to bleed, nothing heavy, just like a very light period.  Little enought to only need a panty liner.  Quite a big clump of the dead tissue type stuff came out this morning, about 1cm in diamater I would say.


Has anyone else had this??  I did go to the DR after my fainting episode and she felt my tummy and took my blood pressure and said everything seemed fine, to go to the walk-in centre over the weekend or A&E if I was bleeding heavily.


I am back to work tomorrow and not looking forward to it one bit.  Luckily because of when my appointment fell I had a full 3 days off to recover.  My boss is aware that it will be light duties only, but I work in a veterinary hospital and am always going to be on my feet and running around no matter what...


I just want to go back to normal and not feel like I've been brutalized any more.  I want to be able to walk my dog (she is a 30kg German Shepherd who pulls on her lead and the nurse advised me not to walk her) and go walking/jogging again as soon as I feel ready to do so.  I really wish I didn't have to have this done, and they don't even tell you about the increased risk of late miscarriage or premature labour and the possible complications that arise from this procedure.  I mean I know it was necessary and obviously much better than developing cervical cancer later on,  but it still makes me sad that my lady parts will never be the same again.. And it's going to be horrible the first time I have sex again which believe me I won't be doing for a long long time....


I guess I just feel like I need some support from others who have gone through the same kind of thing because the guy I was seeing before I had this done (he has now been chucked!) told me I was milking it and that he and his ex were having sex again within 4 days of her having one done, and sent me a lot of horrible text messages (to do with 'sizzling' and ;Dr Death up in my shit' need I say any more...) so he has created a lot of anxiety around this for me unfortunately... :(




First of all it sounds like chucking your ex bf was the best thing you could do! You need about 4 weeks to full recover from a lletz and that means no sex. So well done for being brave and please ignore him and his nastiness. You deserve much better.

That aside I had a lletz 3weeks ago and I had some metallic black stuff come out, apparently it is the stuff they use to seal any bleeding called silver nitrate and occasionally some dead tissue. I was told as long as it doesn't smell offensive and I am not bleeding heavily then it was ok. Always chat to the gp if you are worried or phone the clinic.

A woman's cervix is as variable as their personalities and I shouldn't worry too much about what the nurse said. I agree with you though, there is very limited information about the effects on pregnancy in the future. I asked my doc about it and he said it was a very small risk after one treatment but couldn't give me percentages :-s I wanted to know if should get on a have a baby once healed as I didnt want to risk of further treatment and more problems with doing that. Didnt get a straight answer.

I would be careful with going back to work, I work in the NHS and 'light-duties' are hard to come by. Insist on your breaks and time to change your pads to avoid infection. If your loss increases it is your body telling you to rest. I know it is frustrating that you cant do the usual things like walk the dog, jog and things. I feel the same. Bored of rest but terrified incase I over do it! Start of gentle walking and see how you feel.

I felt sad about losing part of me, felt my body had let me down to put my in the position of needing the treatment done. But I agree, it's much better than cancer and now I feel lucky that I found out before anything worse had a chance to develop.

Good luck with your recovery xx

Thank you for your kind reply, it's helped settle my worries.  And you're right, I took a walk around to my mum's house earlier and the bleeding became heavier so I'm having to use a sanitry towel now.  If I have any issues at all in work I will tell them I need to go home because I want this healing as best and as quickly as it possibly can.  Luckily my boss is very sympathetic and understanding with all of this so taking some more time off shouldn't be a problem.  Again thanks for your reply and good luck with your recovery too xx

What a douche bag! 

What you described is exactly what I experienced discharge wise. The local made me go funny and I felt terrible at work the next day. Totally pooped for a good few days after. I work in a vets too, light duties as well till last tue (2 weeks post) when had to lift a 20kg dog, was ok after tho. I've got a mad dalmatian and I did do a swap for my bfs little terrier x for walking for a while after. Didn't do walking straight away as couldn't go that far with out being in some pain. Was back to poo picking horses field of half a barrow a day after 1 week and rode for 15mins just walk and little trot this weekend just gone. I felt like a wimp as everyone else I knew who had it done was back to normal straight after, but I felt terrible for a few days and not 100% right for a good week or so. Got a friend on the yard who is an ex nurse and she is keeping an eye that I don't do too much :)

Ohh thanks for your reply, very similar situation hey! Ive got a few friends to hold my dog for me while I walk her (2 year old 30kg German Shepherd who is very naughty on her lead) but I haven't even felt up to walking anywhere so far!! Coming back to work today has made me feel loads better actually, like I'm not going to break when I do the slightest thing.  Nevertheless, no shame about saying "Sorry I can't carry this 8kg Jack Russel" haha.. I just want to heal as quickly as possible :) xx

Just an update: I am back at work and it feels good to be doing normal stuff, the bleeding is lighter today than the last few days and am in no pain at all (though regularly taking paracetamol). Thanks for all your help and advice, this forum has been brilliant!