Bleeding after LLETZ - children mentioned


after a bit of reassurance. I had my colposcopy and LLETZ on the 11th July (day after my birthday-joy!). After a few days I started bleeding, I haven't had a period since I had my second baby 17 months ago as I have a marena coil fitted. 15 days later still bleeding, and the pain is increasing. I habent received my results yet, they said it could take up to 3 weeks. It's impossible to get complete rest as my husband is working away and I have two children under 4. Is this a normal bleed after having LLETZ?


sorry I'm a bit all over the place with this.

Hi Ive had the LLETZ treatment and bleeding can be normal up to 4-6 weeks after but not really heavy a bit more like towards the end of your period but if its getting more painful I would get it checked as you could be developing an infection xx


I had LLETZ and had quite heavy bleeding for about 2 weeks. I spoke to my doctor and he said it is basically just the area healing and 'scabbing' and is nothing to worry about. I also found that the pain increased during that time as well.


Hope it has eased off a bit for you :) xx