Bleeding after LLEITZ

Hi all...


I had my treatment done on Last Thursday 11th Dec...The doctor said I will get some bleeding and discharge.


For me It was more of a odoured discharge and little bledding, but I started bleeding more than it was.


Is that normal? Any tips or advice will be much appreciated.


Thanking you in advance.


Luv n hugs to all...


I bled quite o lot for the first few days and then continued to have odoured discharge for a good week or so. 

I saw a doctor just to be on the safe side and was put on a course of anitbiotics in case of an infection. 

They cant actually tell you if you have an infection without taking a swab. By the time i was able to get an appointment i had started to take the antibitotics. 

I would just advise you not to leave it too long before seaking advise from a Doctor is you have concerns. 


Thank you so much for your feedback.




odour can be a sign of infection, so do see doc if it keeps up, like fairy says. You also shouldnt get lots of fresh bright red blood, so if that happens seek help.


Molly xxx

Hi Molly,


Thank you for your feedback.  

I called the doctors surgery but they have advised me to contact the hospital.

I have called the hospital and they have advised to come to A&E if the bleeding doesn't stop by tomorrow.

Hope that all goes back to normal soon.


Luv n Hugs...


Vicky x