bleeding after intercourse


I suffered bleeding after intercourse with my hubby. I'm not due on my period for another week. I am 1of 7 and all of my sisters (4 of them)  have either had to have a  complete hysterectomy or have had lazor treatment on their cervix.  Ive also had prob with pain in my left groin, discomfort during intercourse and have had constipation. Should I ask for a smear as im not due one for another year?

Hi Raquel,

I think any time you get symptoms like this it is a good idea to get checked. My thankfully very short journey began with a bit of post-coital bleeding. I convinced myself I had all sorts of other symptoms too, but which most likely were diet/ lifestyle/ age related. Anyway, although I don't have cc I did have CIN3 pre cancerous cells which needed and have now been removed. Not saying you will too, but it is a good idea to get checked, certainly glad I did.

I am sorry that your family has been so blighted by cervical abnormalities. There has not been any genetic link established but it will obviously be a very big concern for you, having seen it first hand several times.

Do go and get a smear, be very specific about your symptoms and if they say it is too soon, politely remind them of your right to a second opinion. You know your body better than anyone.

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Hi Raquel,


I totally agree with Suzy. If they do find anything it will be easily treated as you had a smear recently.

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Hi Raquel,

Suzy and Michelle have said it all. Go and get yourself checked out and find out what's going on. As Suzy says, don't let them fob you off with the fact you only had a smear two years ago. Hopefully it is nothing to worry about but you won't relax until you know that. :) Let us know how you got on! 

Kirsty xx


Hi Raquel,

As far as I am aware you do not need to specifically ask for a smear. Just describe your symptoms to your doctor and let them decide. Only if they try to fob you off with something less than a smear do you need to begin insisting. I am saying this just in case they want to skip out the pap smear and go straight for a colposcopy.

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Thank you all for your messages. I'm going to phone my dr on Monday to make an appt. I know that cc is not hereditary. I did read somewhere that it can b a risk factor as it said that my risk does double, that there could b a faulty gene. This is why im so worried. X