Bleeding after intercourse

Hi, apologies for the long post but I'd be so grateful if anyone can relate to what I'm experiencing at the moment.  I'm 52 and have already gone through the menopause. 

As a bit of a background, I had an abnormal smear just over 3 years ago and the result came back with CIN2 and HPV.  I was sent for a colposcopy appointent and had the LETZ procedure to remove the abnormal cells.  Two follow-up smears came back clear so I was discharged and referred back to 3 yearly smears.  All was fine until November last year when I started bleeding slightly after sex, together with some discomfort. No bleeding any other time and only on contact, if that makes sense.   As you can imagine, this sent me straight into panic mode as I assumed the abnormal cells had returned.  In December, I had my 3 yearly smear which, to my relief, came back normal, but the bleeding still continues with intercourse. 

I went to see my GP who examined me and said everything looked normal but she could see the scar tissue from where I had the LETZ treatment 3 years ago.    She has referred me for an MRI which I am having next week but I'm getting so stressed out that even with a clear smear result, there is still something wrong.  

The GP suggested that one cause could be lack of lubrication considering I'm post-menopause but this doesn't really seem to be an issue.

I'm wondering whether anyone else has experienced this and if so, did you need treatment or did it just go away? Thank you in advance.