Bleeding after intercourse

Hi all,


i finished my treatment in July and was given a clinical all clear last month. After speaking to my gynae nurse me and my husband have slowly got back to having sexual relations, everything is fine during sex but after I have bleed, not after and it doesn't last long only when I wipe myself (really sorry for to much info). Is this normal after the treatment I have had (chemo radiation and brachytherapy) or should I be worried that its come back? 


Thanks in advance I have been worrying myself stupid.


Laura xx

It should read not much not not after sorry for the typo x


Personally I think its from your sexual relations, ask the doc but I don't think you need to worry.  Thats always going to be the problem isn't it, every little bleed, every little twinge its going to be an automatic worry isn't it?

Love Emma x


Hi Emma,


sexual relations was the best way I could think to word it haha. I agree I think it is just down to the treatment, I have never had this problem before so it's new to me and didn't know wether to be worried or not.


Thanks again xx

lovely way to put it it did make me giggle, healing up after treatements takes time, your welcome  :)