Bleeding after exercise 11 weeks after LLETZ?

Hi all!

I had LLETZ sat the beginning of Feb to remove CIN3. It was removed with clear margins and In due back for a check up in 6 months. I had a good recovery with hardly any pain or bleeding. I’ve recently rejoined the gym and have had some issues. After my first class I had a tiny speck of blood in my discharge. Then after my second class (high intensity) I’ve been having red/brown discharge like the end of a period (it started about an hour after the class finished). Has anyone else experienced this?  I’ll call the colposcopy clinic later to speak to them but just wanted to ask on here aswell. I’m in the middle of my monthly cycle, probably about to ovulate. I’ve never had mid-cycle bleeding before.


It took a long while for the bleeding/spotting to stop (8-12 weeks). I don’t think not taking any time off from ballet classes helped (especially the high kicks)!

If you’re worried, give the clinic or GP a call. They can always have you in for a quick exam to check the area for any problems.