Bleeding after colposcopy and loop excision


I had a colopscopy and loop excision at the same time to remove the abnormal cells as they were classed as high grade severe, this was on on Wednesday 31st October. I had a little bit of very light bleeding for 2 days afterwards. The bleeding then stopped. It then started again with a lot of discharge and it had a horrible smell. I also had a lot of pain.  I went to my doctors and he said I had an infection and gave me antibiotics. That was last Tuesday, so a week ago. Since then the bleeding has come back and seems to be getting heavier everyday and I’m not sure if this is normal. Has anyone else experienced this, should I be worried or is this normal?

thank you. 


Hi Zoe, Bleeding with pain and discomfort is fairly normal after a LLETZ, and may last 4-6 weeks. You may pass some clots and some ‘gritty’ discharge - this is the ‘scab’ which was formed from the LLETZ coming away. 

If you feel the bleeding is too heavy, the general rule is: if you’re having to change more than one normal pad every hour, get in contact ASAP with your doctor or go to a and e. As this isn’t normal.


Thank you you so much for your reply. It has made me feel a lot more at ease and now I know the bleeding isn’t anything to worry about. I have also been having some clots coming out so am glad you mentioned them as I was starting to get a bit worried about that too. But it all sounds normal. 

I see that you have had a hysterectomy after your results from your biopsy I assume? I am currently waiting for my results am 2 weeks in and am worried about what they will be. we had just started trying for a baby and since my colopscopy I have been told to wait. I have seen on here quite a lot of people have had a hysterectomy after their results. Is that quite a normal thing to be told after the result? Sorry for all the questions. 


Zoe x

Hi again and you’re welcome. Ask as many questions you like.

The clots can be quite scarey, especially feeling them discharge and remaining after one flush in the toilet!

It depends on the result, your age and whether you want or finished having a family, when determining a hysterectomy is right for you. In my case, I had persistent CIN that was progressing with HR (high risk) HPV, that was found quite deep in my short cervix. Although my consultant managed to excise it all, he felt the ‘clear margin’ wasn’t satisfactory enough and suspected there might be some more CIN further up, which future screening would have difficulties monitoring. He gave me 3 options and since I’m only several years from the menopause, finished my family and my cervix is displaced (tilts backwards and sideways) and plus I had other period issues, I opted for surgery. So a hysterectomy was right for me, especially since the path result still showed some CIN and another LLETZ would have been too dangerous to do.

Everyone is different and you may need only one LLETZ treatment. In fact, many women only need one treatment, it’s just that we don’t hear about them. They do try to avoid surgery as much as possible.

I hope you receive a favourable result and let us know. Good luck!


Thank you so much again. 

Yeah the clots were a bit scary when seeing them in the toilet. 

Thank you for telling me about your experience, it has made me not worry so much and actually I may be thinking way too far in the future and should wait for my results. I am 32, and have no children. We got married last year and started trying only about 5 weeks ago, and then after only 2 weeks after that I got told to stop because of my smear result and the treatment. So having a hysterectomy would be my worst outcome. So I’m glad they give you other options if it did come to that. 

Thank you so much. I am 2 weeks in now so another 4 weeks to wait as was told the results take 6 weeks. 

i will let you know. 

Thanks again. 



i had my loop excision on Thursday due to a smear and biopsy showing moderate cin2 cells, it’s now Wednesday so nearly a week ago, I lost a very strange ‘clot’ if you can call it that a few days ago’s hard to explain without going into too much detail but the top of it was black and the rest was white with red dots on it?!.  Has anyone had anything close to this happen to them? I’m thinking maybe a scab but I don’t know how rediculous that sounds.