Bleeding after cervical biopsy

I had my colposcopy and cervical biopsy on 23/2/16 and my gynecologist told me that day that i can have a normal life while waiting for the results and that i might hve a slight brown discharge for 2 to 3 days.
After my biopsy i had few drops of blood, then i started having a transparent to yellow odorless discharge, i consulted my gynecologist who told me that is due to cauterization and prescribed Cicatridina.
After i started using it, i started bleeding everytime i go to the bathroom and sometimes when im tired, i am still feeling soreness. Is it normal to still bleed and have pain? When should i feel concerned?
My doctor also told me that in case the results come with severe dysplasia, i will have to undergo A conization (i am not sure if this is how its spelled), and i am really worried about this operation…Because of the pain i am having from a simple biopsy…any advices regarding my case?