Bleeding after biopsy

Just wondering if anyone has been put to sleep for biopsy and how did they feel after it were they sore and did you bleed just wondering thanks Leanne x

Hi Leanne,

Sorry to hear you have to have a biopsy. Things not going so well? As far as I recall I had a little bit of soreness and a little bit of bleeding but not a great deal of either.

Be lucky :-)

Thankyou I don't even know what kind of biopsy I'm having 

Hi Leanne

I had a cone biopsy in April under general.  When I came round I had what felt like bad period pains, and lower back ache.  The back ache was worse than the 'period' pain.  I was sent home with paracetomol, ibuprofen and codeine which all helped!  I felt pretty much back to normal after 3 or 4 days.  Bleeding lasted around 4 wksn.


Hope you're doing OK!

Elgreenery x