Bleeding after a biopsy

I had my colposcopy with two biopsies done on 1/15. Bleeding was very little to none at all. And even stopped bleeding before the doctor was actually done. today I’ve noticed the bleeding is getting worst. Obviously not enough to fill a pad, I’d be rushing myself to the emergency room. However, logic would make me think bleeding would be The worst on day one and progressively get better, This is not the case! Is this just the healing process or should I be more alarmed? The bleeding isn’t bad, it’s not to the point of needing a pad however to see almost nothing on day one and actual bleeding on day two is a bit scary. I feel like I’m moving in the wrong direction on the healing path.

Hi Charlene,

I think that this is perfectly normal - i bleed on/off for about two weeks after my biopsy - the leaflet I was given said it could be upto 4. I think everyone heals differently though and if you are worried, I'd call the clinc


Gem x

Hi Charlene as Gem said this sounds like normal bleeding. After biopsies are taken you bleed a little and after a few days a scab forms when this comes off bleeding can start up again. Of course if it gets worse or you have bad pain see a doctor. Take care x