Bleeding after 1a1

Hi, hope everyone has had a good Christmas! I’m just after a bit of advice! Was diagnosed with early cervical 1a1 cancer in July! It was very early stages and sorted with lletz treatment! Well I had my 4 month check up in November and had a smear and colposcopy, the doc said everything looked normal and the smear came back negative! Before the colposcopy I went back on the pill (cerazette) and was fine then had a week break and then started again but since I started it back after the break I have been spotting, sometimes there’s nothing at all but sometimes there’s a bit but it’s not like bright fresh blood it’s more darker browny gunge (so sorry tmi) I have been thinking it’s my body adjusting to the pill but wondering if anybody has and experience with a similar thing? I’m having an MRI on Tuesday as part of a 6 month check up and am now terrified!!
Any help would be great, Thankyouuu xxx

Hi Holly,

Sorry I can't help but didn't want to read and run. I do seem to remember reading all sorts of stuff about odd bleeds with cerazette but it's not a thing I know about at all. Mention it tomorrow when you are at the hospital for your MRI & good luck with that :-) We are all terrified just before our first follow-up but it does improve I can promise you.

Be lucky :-)

My periods are completely different since the cone biopsy, even though I'm on the pill and have been for years. They're a lot lighter and last longer. I think it's normal for your body to adjust after being muddled with but maybe give you cns a ring if you're not sure xxx