Bleeding advice after lettz

Hi, I hope someone can advise me. I had a colposcopy, biopsy and lettz treatment yesterday for CIN 3. It all went week and I have had very little pain and very little discharge or bleeding until exactly 24 hours after. I am now loosing bright red blood not discharge and have period like pains although period not due until 27th. Does anyone know if this is normal? Thanks in advance x

Hi, I didnt really bleed after mine but i read that if you are bleeding a lot (more than a period) then it's not normal. Maybe ring the colposcopy clinic if you are worried? x

Hi I was lucky and didn't bleed much after but some ppl can bleed between 4-6 weeks I had my period 3 weeks after was quite a heavy one but not to bad x


I bled quite heavily for about 6 weeks in total. I also had period pains for the same length of time. I think everyone is different. If it feels abnormally heavy to you go and visit your GP. It could be a sign of infection and they will prescribe you some antibiotics.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Thank you everyone. It seems a bit better unless I walk around a lot so I will keep an eye on it and if things change then call the clinic xxxx

I was just gonna post something similar. Its been 3 weeks 3 days since I had mine. Hasnt been too bad n was practically none existant until tonight and its got really heavy. I received my results which confirmed CIN3 but was discharged. Is it normal to last this long n suddenly get really heavy?