Bleeding a lot from bum 6 months on from treatment .... read this for some reassurance


Not posted for a long time. I had cervical cancer 2 years ago with the usual chemo, radiation and braccy . I had a great result the tumour and lymph nodes were duly blasted and I changed as a person to even more a lover of life and every day I’m grateful. However last year around Spring I started losing blood from bum , like a lot. My Oncologist thought it was normal but it just got worse. I thought the C was back. I’ve worried a lot and finally had a CT scan which showed up a suspected polyps. However the blood continued and could spoil a weekend or two when it reared it’s head. Today I had a colonoscopy … lost sleep the last few weeks and if I’m honest it impacted Xmas and the excitement of starting a new job. I had the colonoscopy and although uncomfortable , the main diagnosis was acute proctitis ie radiation damage from the radiation and brachytherapy of 2 years ago. Not the big C! Phew. I’m having the damage quarterised to help stop it. I’m so relieved though, I wanted to share this with you guys though because seeing blood in the toilet triggers nightmares of years ago. So get advice and know it’s probably going to be bowel damage from the treatment which can be sorted. The polyp came out as well. Hope this helps anyone seeing blood from bum … please tell your oncologist because there is an answer. Once more grateful for my life back xx

Thank you for the update Trudy. I'm just 10 weeks out of treatment and obviously worry about what's ahead. It's great to read these updates from someone who has personally experienced it rather than medical jargon on some websites, So happy for you that you are two years post treatment. Long may your successful journey continue. Xx

I've not posted for ages too and so chuffed to hear this 

I've been lucky and have no effects really from the treatment ( chemorads and 18 hours brachytherapy for 2b)

love xxx

Great to hear mousehouse and thanks for the update laughing

I have not posted for ages as well but was in a similar situation Trudyboo. Like you, I also had a colonoscopy. Got diagnosed with radiation proctitis from treatment as well. Phew! So grateful! So ladies, do not panic and think the worst when you see blood coming out of your bum. Make sure you get it checked though x

Glad you are ok Ladybug. Xx