Bleeding a fair bit after smear!! Worried

Hey there,

I just got back from my smear test and I’m currently dealing with some bleeding of which was literally covering most of a pantyliner. I’ve changed into a pad for the time being in the hope it will calm down… but I don’t remember this happening the last time I had it done.

At the test I did mention I was very nervous, but the nurse was very dismissive and acted like it was silly of me to be anxious. When I tried to tell her I suffered with pain due to my IC and so forth, she told me she didn’t want to hear me worry anymore. I tried to ask her to use a smaller speculum but by this point she refused to listen and said I could complain if it was painful afterwards.

Upon going in the speculum didn’t hurt but upon opening it, it was like someone was stabbing me down below. I believe she said she probably had hit the cervix as apparently mine was pointing down, but when she took it out the first time, there was already blood on the end of it. She then had to reinsert it to get the positioning correct, however she again couldn’t see it and had to spin it around while inside me!! You can imagine at this point it was quite painful for me as it had been in there longer than I had anticipated and I probably was tensing up on top of that. She scraped it but there was a fair amount of blood on the thing she used to take the cell sample… after which she told me it was done and to get dressed. She went on to say that I obviously was fretting more than I should have as “it wasn’t that bad”… Ugh!

I asked her about the blood, to which she said it was normal. I’m actually concerned I’ll have to have it redone because there was a fair amount there :confused: Afterward it felt really weird and uncomfortable - I can’t remember if I felt this way before, is it normal to feel strange after a smear?

I obviously got home and changed the pantyliner which is why I know how much of it was filled. Now I’m just concerned as I don’t understand why the bleeding is happening/happened. Does it mean it’s more likely to be pre-cancerous cells or something?! Am still bleeding now two hours after.

My last smear was normal and I haven’t had any bleeding during sex recently (I had it once a couple years ago but that was due to rough sex and a well endowed penis I believe). No irregular bleeding outside of a period.

Just to mention, in case it’s relevant, I’m also on the combined oral contraceptive pill Microgynon 30.

Hopefully someone will have some answers or be able to ease my mind a little!

Edit: really hoping someone will have some answers as have passed two small blood clots and am really panicking now!!

Hi there, 

I always bleed after my smears too and it's usually quite a lot but I also bleed after intercourse too (blush). I think mines because I have cervical erosion. I've just had my most recent smear and all is normal but there was a lot of bleeding afterwards and cramping too. My nurse told me this is totally normal so try your best not to worry, although I know it's easier said than done X