Bleeding 9 months on from Cone biopsy...what next?

I’m still experiencing bleeding, usually after sex, 9 months on from my second cone biopsy. Initially it hasn’t been such a worry but obviously as it’s ongoing it becomes more of a worry.

I was hoping things might have healed by now but it seems not. At my last visit to colp they didn’t seem too concerned as I easily bled under examination too.

It’s likely I’m up for a hysterectomy next as I’m Cin3 with HPV and three ops already under my belt. All within 2 years and a bit.

I get to find out more on the 12 Jan and I guess i was looking to find out how other people have healed?

It’s all happened so fast and its hard to get your head round it all and to make sure you ask the right questions, so any help appreciated.

Oh and who knew how much you find yourself sharing about your lady bits and your various quirks! Still struggle with that some times.