Bleeding 7 days after Colposcopy. Is this normal?

Hi Everyone,

I had my colposcopy on 21st of August which was last week and biopsy, the consultant said, I have nothing to worry about because it's not cancer and the abnormalities was only a tiny area and the result would be within four weeks but I am really worried, just now because I am bleeding now which is 7 days after my colposcopy, the bleeding was like brown ish in colour. I had tiny brown ish discharge after the colposcopy but not as heavy as today. I have no pain whatsoever and no unusual odour in the blood. I am now panicking and really anxious. Please help me!

Jess x x x

I haven’t had mine yet but from other women’s story’s I’ve read on here its normal & sounds like you’ve had an easier time with the colposcopy procedure than others, I hope mine goes as well as yours sounds (app tomorrow morning) try not to worry & good luck with your results x

I had colposcopy and LLETZ today and the paper work they gave me afterwards said that you can have a 'bleed' 7-12 days after treatment because the scabs fall off!  Maybe that's what is happening with you?  They definitely said not to worry unless the bleeding was more than a normal period.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hi Jess. Did you have LLETZ treatment at the colposcopy or just a biopsy? I have had both at seperate appointments. Bled a little after the biopsy/colposcopy for a few days and still bleeding now 6 days post LLETZ treatment. Ive had one quite heavy day. I wouldn't think it's anything to worry about as long as it doesn't get too heavy, just see how you go, keep an eye on your temp and for any foul smelling discharge. You can always call your gp or the colposcopy department, I've found them really helpful whilst I've been going through this. Xx

Hi Nat, That's why I was worried because it was just a Biopsy, no treatment considering I was diagnosed, moderate dyskaryosis. The consultant gynecologist did not give me LLETZ treatment because she said it was just tiny area and I have to wait for the biopsy result to see if I need one. Thank you, I would take your advice, yes I will observe myself for possible fever or foul smell. I didn't have any of these symptoms at the moment. x x x

Hi Steffy, I had colposcopy and biopsy and to me, that was not painful. I haven't had the proper treatment because according to the consultant, it was just a tiny area so I have to wait for the result of the biopsy within four weeks to see if I need treatment. What worries me was, it was just a biopsy and I bled this afternoon after seven days. I am trying not to worry too much. Thanks and good luck to you as well x x x


Hi Libby, I just had Colposcopy and Biopsy, No LLETZ treatment. That's why I was worried. You maybe right on scabs falling off. I am trying not to worry too much at the moment but a bit anxious about the result. I hope it was just scabs falling off. 

Thank you very much for the reassurance x 

Hey Hun i bled more after my biopsies than lletz! 

It's normal to bleed after A biopsy hun don't worry. And with regards to the results, moderate usually equates to cin2 which you will need some treatment off but if it comes back as CIN1 then they may just leave you for a while to see if it reverts back to normal on it's own xx

Hi, everybody.  

Although its early days, like Harri, I bled way more when I had biopsies!  The process they use to stop the bleeding after LLETZ seems to be much more effective for me than the paste they used for the biopsies, at least so far.

I had a bleed about 7 days in after my biopsies too.  I called the colposcopy clinic at the time and I was reassured that this was a normal part of healing.

Best wishes to you all xx

Libby I bled for both (still bleeding!) I must be super sensitive ha! Xx

Thanks hun I feel better now. My husband was more worried than me when I told him this afternoon which didn't help at all. Regarding about the result, What you said was true according to the medical article that I was reading. I am looking forward to the result of my biopsy. I hope you are right and the bleeding will go away

x x x