Bleeding 6months after Lltez

Hi I’m new to this… i had Lltez treatment about 6months ago after my colposcopy and them finding abnormal cells… in the 1st week after having the treatment i got an infection which was then treated with antibiotics. Since then my periods have been worse than ever (heavier and last longer) also have abnormal bleeding when not on my period and bleed after intercourse all the time. I’m yet to go for my follow up but just wondering if anyone else has had any of this?

Hi. Sorry to hear you're going through this. I too had an infection then I too have bleeding 4 months after lletz. GP saw red patch on my cervix. Awaiting my colposcopy on 23rd. I too am searching for information on this. Xx

Did you get any news of this as I’m currently rly experiencing randomly bleeding had for three years always told hormonal despite not being on pill and then trying two types and still get the randomly bleeding

Had here normal smears as paid private due to symptoms and worry and then all do a sudden mine came back cin1+2 so had Leetz despite year before being clear Leetz dex 

Hi there.. iv been looking at my cervix myself to monitor it's healing after lletz  January  2017.. it healed flat after about a month.. but it's been four months now n is starting to hurt again n see that classic red transformation zone growing.. Iv had bleeding after sex lately too.. lots of bright red fresh blood n pain same time. It's weird to me how it healed up well then the last month chanced so dramaticly. 

Cervix also really hard for a while.. maybe cycle though I duno. Should I go to doctors now? Follow up colposcopy not due untill June.. am I allowed to do that?(nhs)