Bleeding 5 days after smear

Hi. Long post (im sorry)

3 years ago i had a d&c and was told not to have a smear until i got my period. I didnt get a period for 2 years and my period have been irregular and light since getting them back.

I had my smear monday and it went well but the morning of i was having period pains and lower back pain but no period but i thought i was coming on i discussed this with the nurse but she said it was fine to go ahead.
When i had my smear there was blood on the test stick but was told thats normal and i would notice some spotting after which i didnt. But since then ive had spotting and small clots and lots of cramping. Im 5 days on now and im still bleeding but not all the time just now and again.

Im so worried this could be something abnormal. I suffer terribly with health anxiety so this is criplling me at the moment. Im so scared after ive had so many problems that this could be something awful or the dreaded C.

Could anyone offer me any adviceā€¦
Im at a loss