Bleeding 3 months after

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me?! 

 I had my LLETZ procedure on 26th Feb, I had bleeding for 6-7weeks and then it stopped, I am now nearly 3 months on and I've started bleeding again? I take a pill which means I don't have any periods but I'm bleeding like I have a period. I haven't been overly active sexually and my boyfriend has been very careful with me! I don't know why I would be bleeding now?!

Any advise would be Lovely!! 

Molly xx

Hi Molly, 

you could ask your doctor why would you bleeding afterwards. There are lots of women having side effects that last longer than doctors seem to think is the norm. I started a group on fb, called Healing From LLETZ for us to talk about any long term issues. I know a few there have talked about bleeding. 

Hi (first time posting), had lletz in February,all seemed to heal okay tookthe usual few weeks but all was fine!the last 2/3 weeks been having sharp pains sometime a dull ache and am now bleeding after intercourse,went to doc who just gave me painkillers told me to come back next week,not happy at all!!! Has any else experienced this?should I be worried?

Heya lovely,

I haven't experienced this personally but I have heard about it with a lot of other ladies, I would call your colposcopist and ask for advice! Sorry for delay in response, hopefully all is well with you now!! Xx