Bleeding 2 Weeks After Second Lletz

Hi everyone!

Im going to try and explain this simply as every time I write it I get confused and end up saying the same thing 20 times!! Basically I had an abnormal smear result back in January and so I went for a colposcopy on the 15th Jan where I also had Lletz treatment under local anaesthetic. From that I was diagnosised with Stage 1a1 cancer (on valentines day!!!!) and I had to go back for a second lletz this time under general anesthetic which I had done 2 weeks ago. 

Since my second lletz I've had barely any blood just a brownish discharge which is occasionally a bit watery (sorry, defo too much info!!!), however in the last day I have started getting fresh blood. It's not particularly bright and there are no clots but I guess I'm just worried that after 2 weeks this could be a sign that i have an infection. There isn't any smell at all though and I know that is the main symptom of infection. 

I guess i just just wanted to see what a few other people have experienced, I know everyone heals differently and my experience this time around has been completely different to the first time!!! 

Also just would like to thank everyone for sharing their stories, reading them really helped me through the waiting, which 100% is the worst part!! 


Hi Little Gem,

I am having my 2nd lletz tomorrow under GA after having the same diagnosis as you, the doctors are ademant that they have removed all the cancer cells in the first lletz and i have had mri & ct to check but they didnt remove all of the abnormal cells in the first one.

I cant help on your bleeding issue im afraid but with my first one i did bleed for up to 3 weeks, it could just be the 'scab' coming away as some ladies have said they bleed after a couple of weeks. Do they docs think your all clear now or are you still waiting to find out?

Trudy xx

Hi Trudy! Thanks for your reply!

They think I'm all clear of cancer after the first lletz but they wanted to do the second lletz to remove the remainder of abnormal cells same as you. I have a follow up appointment on 21st so I guess I will find out if I'm 100% clear then! I didn't have an MRI or CT scan, I did ask the consultant if I would need an MRI and he said no as the cancer was so small. It does worry me though as other people have had them for Stage 1a1. I guess everyone is different, I'm sure if they were worried then they would have made me have one!  Still feel a bit weird about it all to be honest, I'm very lucky that it was all caught so early but it's not sunk in yet!!!

Good luck with your treatment tomorrow! 

Thanks :-) i will be glad when its all over!

Im sure they would have if they were concerned. i know what you mean, you cant say you have cancer because its gone but you had it. Its very weird and yes i feel the same very lucky especially as i left my smear 2 years to long apparently! Had my first one at 23 and at the time it was every 5 years i didnt know it had changed i did get a letter but i was in the middle of moving so didnt get round to it. I often think if i went 2 years ago there could have been nothing and if left for another year it could have been worse, you know what i mean?

It will take time, i try not to dwell on it well in my mind i have put it aside and trying to move on from it but if i have a glass of wine i seem to drink it like its water lol so i must be sub-conciously be worrying about it all.

Fingers crossed for 21st for you, let me know how you get on. :-)


You have literally just described exactly how I'm feeling about the whole thing! I'm so emotional at the moment as well!! It doesn't help that I'm now on my period too, I have never had such awful mood swings before lol!!! Mine was my first smear test at 25 and it's so scary to think that I already had cancer at my first smear! And I had no symptoms or anything! I do wonder what could have happened if I had put it off for longer! 

How did your treatment go??  Hope your resting up and relaxing!