Bleeding 12 weeks after Lletz


I’m looking for advice as my current GP is not giving me any advice or help (NZ based) but originally a UK citizen. The health care system is becoming more & more stretched.

In January this year 2023 I had an abnormal smear showing cin3, and had to wait till April to have a lletz procedure to the waiting list.

The lletz procedure itself was very traumatic, the doctor did not let me take a second to collect myself from crying so much, didnt care about the pain i was in & I was then left on a corridor crying/screaming in pain for 4 hours. She never checked on me & due to a long wait in ED i was sent home with no meds. I got an infection & was given strong antibitoics a week later.

Anyway i had a check up 6 week post lletz surgery, no bleeding at this point & my OS was healed & the OBGYN said everything was perfect… I was on top of the world at this point… 5 weeks ago I started brown bleeding spotting/lightly with some small clots & haven’t stopped.

I rang my GP & had to have STI tests before she even sees me even though i haven’t even had sex since before the surgery, those tests came back negative (surprise surprsie). but there is a 3 week wait to see my GP as it is.

My question is is this normal to bleed for 5 weeks after lletz even though i did stop after 4/5 weeks? Is this a side effect of the procedure? Am I ever going to stop?