Bleeding 12 months on

Hi, I’m hoping someone will have some advice. I had my first smear last year and it came back severe dyskariosis (sp?) I had LLETZ and the results were CIN3 all removed feb 2018. I had a repeat smear in September 18 that came back fine and was told I can go back to 5 yearly smears.  Now almost a year on I’ve started to have bleeding after sex, this tends to start the day after and last 1-2 days. I’ve also started to bleed after a bowel movement over the last few weeks. I’m getting pain during intercourse, and sharp stabs intermittently throughout the day. I get period pains though I am not actually having periods (I have the contraceptive implant) though I have had bleeding randomly that lasted dec 31 - Jan 16th! I am assuming this isn’t normal and am just hoping someone has experience with this that could suggest what I should do? I wonder if I may need another smear or will they not do one as it’s been so soon since my last one? 

Hi, I think that because you only had a smear 5 months ago which came back fine they are unlikely to do another one so soon as it is most likely not related to anything a smear could pick up. However, it certainly isn’t normal and definitely requires a trip to your dr who can advise and investigate. They could refer you to colp who will be able to have a look and see if there are any abnormal areas on your cervix - they may then biopsy or advise you of their findings - eg an ectropian. It could be something like endometriosis so the dr may also refer you to a gynaecologist.

There are probably a number of things that it could be so your first step should be the Dr who can decide where you go from there.

Good luck x

Thanks. I will call the doctors first thing tomorrow morning and hope they can fit me in. I've recently had blood tests done due to other health issues (severe acne and low mood) and they came back with low testosterone, low vitamin D and low B12 so ive been given vitD and folic acid to take. The doctor said low prog doesnt really matter as im on the implant? but im wondering if this may be hormonal and the bleeding is part of it alongside the hormonal acne breakouts on my jawline and back etc. I will have to ask. As soon as its anything down there since my cin3 last year i automatically fear the worst.

I just wanted to update, for my own record if nothing else. I got in at the doctors this morning and he thinks the bleeding is something to do with my cervix based on the information i gave him. He went and spoke to a senior doctor and then came back to tell me he wanted to send an urgen referral for me to be seen at the hospital within two weeks, however in our area, i dont meet the criteria?! (hes recently moved from sheffield and said my local areas protocol is different as i wouldve met the criteria there, how is it different????)

anyway hes done a referal to gynaecology but ill get a letter in the post for that and he said theres probably a fair wait, however if anything changes or i start getting more severe pain i should go back.

So im here again still in the same situation. I have had a gynaecology letter come through for 10th April, so not too bad but not exactly soon either given that im bleeding on and off pretty much constantly. Ive not started to experience a fair bit of thick black discharge, along with clumps and not very pleasant matter. Dont know if i should go back to the doctors and be a thorn in their side or am i wasting their time with them just telling me again that i dont meet criteria to be seen any sooner?!

You absolutely must push to be seen sooner. April is too long. I had just tiny spots of bleeding 20 years after a hysterectomy and I had to be a pain in the was but it was cancer. The delay nearly cost me my life. 

That's not to say yours is cancer. It can be a wide variety of things but until it's excluded you can't be sure.

Ask to be referred  elsewhere if necessary. Hopefully it will be good news and you can get on with your life.

Karen x 

Thank you for the reply Karen. I never did go back, my appointment is closer now. My symptoms are no different, im still bleeding most of the time. Myself and my partner dont have much of a physical relationship at the moment because of it, and i hate going to the toilet as i know itll get worse. Even when I'm not bleeding ive got a horrible discharge all of the time. If this isn't anything i will be shocked. I hope that its just an infection, but if it is, its been hanging around for a long time now because of my doctors not even being bothered to do simple urine samples, not on really is it. I will update after my appointment.

Yes please do. That all sounds really unpleasant. I hope It's something that's easily solved. I would still urge you be seen sooner though, even if just to put your mind at rest. 

Karen x