Bleeding 11 days Post lletz

I am day 11 post Lletz. At 61 period cramps very depressing. Is this a bad date for bleeding/cramps. Not looking forward to the next few weeks. Feeling pretty down X

Sorry to hear you’re still bleeding and so uncomfortable, Cherryberry. I believe you had a polyp removed? Hospital leaflets about LLETZ generally say ‘small risk of bleeding’ but nearly everyone who posts on here has post LLETZ bleeding and it can last up to 2 weeks, which is not very pleasant at all. I can imagine how depressing it is to have period cramps at 61. I’m 64 and as part of my cancer treatment I had internal radiotherapy (things up inside your womb) and back up in the ward I asked for painkillers and the particular nurse that came said, “why do you need painkillers? What sort of pain do you have?” - as if I was odd in some way. I said it’s like period cramps - although I’m ‘old’ I can remember back that far!! I do think a lot of health professionals don’t realise how unpleasant and draining gynaecological procedures can be. Please do call your GP and have a chat, especially if the bleeding gets any worse.

I hope you’re feeling better soon. X

Thanks so much Jacks, I appreciate that. Hope your ok. Not good I think we are supposed to accept period pains etc Xx