Bleeding 10 days post Lletz

Hiya everyone :) 


Back again mainly just to vent... iv now hit 10 days post lletz and now have started bleeding (more spotting really when i wipe) 

Iv read on here alot of ladies have had the same thing roughly how long did yours last for? 


would just like to have a normal cervix now tbh... feel so gross wearing pads all the time :(


Ruby xx

Hi I'm 12 days post lletz and on 9 days post lletz I had a very heavy bleed and passing large clots uncontrollably which had me being sent to emergency gynaecology.

i was doing light duties as far as I was aware but maybe more than I should and also a few days before was feeling very fluey, achy and exhausted 

so was put on antibiotics incase of infection. I've been told after they cauterised my cervix on Thursday that I have another probably 4 week healing time and 

today I've been out done some light shopping and been out for lunch with friends and I'm home aching all over like flu and feeling awful and very emotional.

take it easy and listen to your body and as for the bleeding I think it varies between woman plus how active you are being.

Wearing pads is awful isn't it I feel so disgusting and especially in warm weather and with this heavier bleeding! 


(I had lletz under GA for high grade CGIN so had a larger amount taken away apparently) 


take care xxx

ahhhh I'm sorry that you had to go through that sounds so horrible! Can only imagine how drained of the whole situation you must be! I'm quite fortunate that i only seem to spot when going to the loo ( sorry if tmi ) aanoying it's in such a hidden place Id love to see what it looks like down there and how well it's healing.. 

Hopefully we will get the all clear after the lletz, the idea of more podding and poking down there makes me feel ill! 

Morning Ruby,

im post 10days today (Monday) and I woke up with horrible sharp pains in my tummy this morning and a lot more 'bleeding' don't get me wrong it's not a lot still but there is certainly a change :) I have been expecting as like you have read on here about the 7-10 day

would say it sounds just as it should :)