Bleeding 10 days after loop diathermy

I had loop diathermy on the 27th March, had heavy bleeding and ended up in a&e on the same day.

after that I was having watery pinky discharge but the last day or so I've had more red blood. I had a big clot come out today and now seem to be bleeding a lot again, not sure if it's my period or not. 

Has anyone had this ? I know it's normal to bleed up to 4 weeks or so after treatment but wasn't sure how much is normal??

thanks all

Hey Piggies, 

Im so sorry that you have had a hard time after the procedure. I had the same procedure in November last year. 

I would suggest that you should go and at least get things checked out, I was told to go to a and e or get in contact with the clinic if I had any concerns. 

I hope this helps, take care and I wish you all the best. :) 

Caroline x 

Hi Caroline 

thanks for your message, I may give the Dr a call tomorrow. It's been 10 days and I remember them saying that things could happen at 24hrs after and 10 days after. It's so hard they are not more specific or give you more info at the time!

im half thinking it's my period but I'm not really sure, I know it sounds horrible but I don't normally feel it coming out (soz tmi!) it feels like it builds up and then comes out, yuck yuck!

i had a big clot come out earlier and have been having some weird grey bits, but now it's just bright red blood. I had the same thing done about 8 years ago and I remember it bleeding loads but can't really remember anything more. I wish it'd just stop, fed up of it now :-(