Bleeding 10 days after biopsies

Hi ladies,

Having, ahem, abstained, last night I was 10 days post-biopsy having had no bleeding or cramps for a few days, so thought, all's ok now...... =)

And then - bleeding again, so phoned Drs this morning who booked me in to see nurse practitioner a.s.a.p.......apparently it's really normal, because the scabs over the 'wound sites' just come off and so bleed a little. Ok, leaflet said it would mean I had an infection, but apparently not! So if anyone has the same, don't panic, all is more than likely well.

Whilst I was there, I asked if the Colposcopy Dr had sent his report through, to say what grade of CIN he thought was seen, because he'd talked a lot during / after the biopsies, but I wasn't taking it in. No report there at all, just 'awaiting results' =( so I'm none the wiser at all, just have to keep waiting another 3 weeks or so........still have no idea what it is I may have!

I explained to the nurse that because the veins coming up from my left leg are re-routed across my belly and through my pelvis, I can't have abdominal surgery because I'll more than likely bleed out or ultimately lose a leg, so treatment of something severe won't be all that simple..... and so the worrying continues.....

Fingers crossed for all of us that are waiting that the results, when they come back, will be good =) x