Bled during smear - referred for colposcopy

I ashamedly put off having a smear test for years - severe anxiety when it comes to anything medical.

I had my first smear test 2 weeks ago (12/3/18) after experiencing bleeding after sex occasionally over the last few months. I also have had some discharge - clear and watery (makes me feel wet).

The doctor was concerned about bleeding during the smear and said my cervix was inflamed.

i got a letter 5 days later referring me for a Colopscopy which I had today (26/3/18) which is just 2 weeks to date from my smear. I had not received my smear result.

I had slight spotting before going into the colopscopy today (finished my per on 23/3/18.

Dr today asked was i on my period as she noticed bleeding today too.

Nothing notices today at the colopscopy apart from mentioning the bleeding and I was told I just had to wait for my smear test results and forward them onto the colopscopy clinic.

i am extremely worried - if nothing showed up at colopscopy what will my smear show??



If your colposcopy was OK, your smear will be fine. It's the next investigation stage for an abnormal smear. Some people just have contact bleeding.