Bled alot once after sex with my huby. Could it be CC?

Good Morning gals,

One question hat has been eating away at my brain because I can’t stop thinking about it. M periods for the regular come a couple days early but nothing out of the ordinary. My pap came back normal like it always has every year. Last month I had my period as normal but when it went away I spotted minimally (just enough to let u know the spotting is there) throughout most of the month until my next period, which was also normal (not too heavy or too light). I went in to get my Nexplanon placed on 3/23 and everything has been normal since. But last week, after doing the deed with my husband, I had a bit of bleeding, which wen away by the next day (Btw I know it is TMI but I have spotted maybe like 5 times within the last year after sex but ONLY when I get on top) . My discharge is also minimal, the same it has always been since I started my period when I was like 13. I am now 29. I see many gals say they had increased discharge and leg or back pain before being diagnosed with CC. I am waiting on my appointment to get an ultrasound to see where the bleeding came from. When I went to have my annual done on 3/23/17, doctor performed the regular smear and pelvic exam and said everything looked and felt normal. She said the spotting could be from cervical polyps. I am just afraid of it not being polyps and being CC. Did any of you gals have somewhat of the same bleeding only once? Would love to hear your stories.

Thanks for reading, Ericka