Bled after sex

I had my second child in May and had normal, if anything very light, bleeding post childbirth that healed after 2 weeks.

About 2 months ago I’d noticed I was having an increase in more watery discharge. I also felt a little back pain, I’ve had a lletz for CIN3 before so visited gp who had a look and saw maybe a polyp? And referred me for colposcopy which is due on 11 Jan. This is one part of the story the next is about bleeding.

I’d had not period since the birth even though I’m not breastfeeding. He is 7.5 months now and I thought before Xmas I was maybe going to come on as had some PMS signs. Xmas eve, and 24 hours after hubby and I had sex, I came on. I guessed it was the return of my normal period but it stopped abruptly after 2 days (was bright red blood medium heavy filling up a super tampon every 4-5 hours).

I thought it was just a light period then I did a bootcamp class on day 3 and bled again straight after same Evening, bright fresh blood. It lasted a day and tailed off again on days 4&5.

Today, day 6, I’ve done a spin class and bled bright fresh blood again straight after which has also stopped abruptly again.

I’m just worried now that these two things are interlinked and I am Not having a period but a bleed due to something else. Colposcopy in two weeks but I’m a little nervous.

It’s seems like this bleed is related to something that is being aggravated by sex/ exercise and is only fresh red or pink.

I’m v worried given my history with CIN3.

I also Suffer with a form of localised proctor is in my bottom which means I have been having blood and mucous from that end on and off for a few years which also makes me uneasy.

I have health anxiety so this is making me jumpy