Bladder Problems

Hi Ladies,

i know it's early days, I'm 8 days post Rad Hyst but since I've had my catheter out I don't think my bladder is working properly. I've been tested for a urine infection and all fine. I just wanted advice before I phone hospital as I don't want to sound like one of those patients that phone up for least little thing! Basically every time I move I leak/dribble a little urine. Also I'm getting up 3/4 times a night to go for a pee, I never get up during the night. If I try and hold it in, my stomach hurts. Should I leave it and see if it improves? I have a follow up appointment on 21st June, or should I phone the hospital.?

thanks guys

Hi Karen, don't panic mine still isn't working properly yet either! 

Its takes a little time for it to all kick back in I think.

im never sure if I need a wee as I don't really get a strong feeling of needing to go then when I sit on the toilet it takes a while for it to flow lol its like it's a bit lazy!

i had a water infection when they took the catheter out so had a weeks worth of antibiotics but I'm back to the doc today as I think I have another infection. 

are you sure is urine that your leaking and not lymoh fluid? I was leaking lymoh fluid for 2 days like crazy then it stopped but still now and again I have a little bit..i was also up around 4/5 times during the night needing to wee but I think this is all part of the healing process and our bladders just dedicating themselves.. hope this helps.

lots of hugs  kay xx

What a relief! I didn't want phone hospital in case they thought I was one of those people that rings at the least little thing! Before I got diagnosed with CD I never go the doctors. My urine was tested yesterday no infection. I seem to leak every time I stand up/sit down or change position in bed. Hopefully it should sort itself out in due course!

Defo sounds like lymph fluid and it's a similar colour to urine so difficult to tell xx

Thanks Kay. I will keep an eye on it and mention it in my next appointment. XXXX glad you're doing ok.