Bladder / discharge

Hi people. Please advise if anyone has experienced similar.

I’m due to have a procedure - not sure when but cervical smear test said polyp but I have been getting lower back ache but also has anyone ever had bladder issues. So you wee and after it, it feels aching and pressure like? More discomfort after the wee than before…. It’s really stressing me out and I had a load of discharge earlier. I’m a few days after period, it was thick jelly like clear ish and on tissue yellow hue. I know TMi, sorry. It was there after I pee’d literally like snot and lots of it. I feel so scared.

I’m at my wits end. Feel like none of my friends understand. I’m always there for my friends but atm, I feel so alone and stressed worrying. My ultra sound internally was fine but I don’t think it shows the bladder.

The consultant I saw privately did a smear test and said he saw a growth coming out of my cervix. I got a clear smear but I’ve got symptoms of back ache and bladder issues which aren’t linked to polyps so I’m so so worried. Literally typing this shaking and feel sick worrying all the time.