Black bits 1 week after LLetz

Hi ladies well I'm a week on from LLetz and haven't so far been to bad ! But I'm getting small black bits when I wipe also on off watery cream colour discharge I'm on antibiotics as I was a tad smelly down there and I have cramps now and then nothing I can't handle . Wish I could find a few diary posts of after LLetz as to be honest don't feel the hospital give out much after care advice :( xx

Hi Panda,

I had black bits too and its normal from what i've read. I had the watery discharge too and was put on antibiotics and it cleared within about a week. My cramps lasted quite a few weeks too and got worse when I overdid things.

I think your going through the pretty normal healing process, especially as its only a week on. I bled for about 5 weeks after but it was never really heavy, apart from at the start of the infection.

I agree though they don't give out much after care. If it wasn't for this forum I think there would be a lot of confused ladies thinking something was seriously wrong. If I hadn't of read things on this site I would never of known I had an infection or that it was normal to bleed for so long, or that there could be black bits, which would instantly worry you if you had no idea it could happen. From the amount of ladies on here it seems to be a lot more common than we would think so you'd think the hospitals would put together more information.

Hope you recover well and soon. Have you had any results yet? I personally think not knowing results can slow down the healing process cause you can be in a constant state of worry and stress :(


Hi Fiona thank you for your reply :) I am waiting for results of LLetz before it was cin3 + hpv . Had it done under ga and all went textbook thier words lol ! But I got conflicting advice one nurse said oh u can go for a bath the next day the other said 2 weeks ! No mention of black bits just said I could bleed

for upto 6 weeks . I was still dazed and confused after my ga so only took in some bits while I was smiling away in lala land lucky my husband was there and told me later when I was feeling a little more human ! Xx

I was the same. I had mine under GA was a little hazy after. They didn't mention baths to me but i'd seen some people on here were told 2 weeks so I thought it best just to wait the 2 weeks.

Its a shame they leave out so much information xx

I had a bath the day after mine the nurse said this was fine to do

iv had the black bits iv read on here it's possibly scabbing? Who knows kind of makes sense 

that it is, I'm now two weeks after treatment still getting cramping but that's not unusual for me bleeding is slightly heavier then it has been

bit nothing that it has been, we are all different and our bodies will react differently, still waiting on the results so nothing new there lol!! Xxx

Im am going to wait the 2 weeks for a bath also when I said about I don't want to smell down there the nurse said do I use shower gel I said well yes and she said well you could end up back in here ! I said no I won't after LLetz obviously and she said no EVER as it can cause awful infections ! I said even the femi stuff designed for lady bits and she said especially them as it messes with the ph down there :/ that's about as much info I got or can remember lol ! I know we all heal differently but it is nice to have ppl to talk to and compare even if slightly different  so thank you ladies as I'm sure we all know this journey can really get us down at times xx