Bkeeding after sex

I have had previous clear smears.

1 booked for 16th feb

I have heavy periods heavy for 3 days then kight and on time.

The past 3 times ive had sex ive bled after.

I am so s red i have health anxiety.

I saw the gp and he said to just have my smear and to try not to worry as it sound like maybe a small about of friction.

The blood isn’t alot. Im 39 two children 1r1 and 12 x i feel sick ( i think its the worry)

I cant eat and cant sleep i feel like its gonanbe bad news x i do get tummy and back pain but not all the time mainly when im due a period.

Please someone reassure me im petrified. The doctor doesnt seem worried but i cant seem too focus on anything else.


It’s really hard to think about anything else when you are worried, but it could just be cervical erosion like I have.

This is just an area of the cervix that is more delicate and when touched, can bleed.

Try not to panic too much. There are procedures that can stop the bleeding.

You did the right thing by getting it checked out.

Stay strong.

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I just feel so sick. The thought if having cancer with two children i love and adore. I dont wanna die young.

Im so so scared and having too wait for so long for my smear and so long doe results is sooo scarey x

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Hi Sarah,

I completely understand how you feel.
The way I dealt with it was to think all this fretting and anxiety I am putting myself through isn’t going to change the outcome of my results. So I could be making myself ill for nothing.

To think like this is easier said than done, and took me a little while to get my head round it. But the dr’s are putting you through the process and you will get seen. 16th Feb is only 2 weeks or so away. That’s pretty soon compared to some waiting times.

In the meantime, you have to be strong and use this forum to reach out if you have a wobble along the way. Friends and family can support you also.
But most importantly, try and stay positive.

Speak soon


Your so lovely thanks so much x auch a beautiful soul.

I guess i just have to be thankful that cervical caner is slow growing and that my smear was clear 8yrs ago. And he said hebdoubts veey nuch its cancer.

I am due on in 1 day and im hoping my anxiety is less as i am always worse whej im on period x

It’s our bloody hormones, it’s not easy being a woman.

How come it’s been 8 years since your last smear?

Lack of appointments

Can you ask to be referred to gynaecology? Not to worry you but you may get some reassurance

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I guess that if they feel i need it.


Please try not to worry - keep yourself distracted and as busy as possible during this time of waiting. I know its hard. If it makes you feel any better i am waiting for a colposcopy after bleeding after sex and abnormal cervix examination. I find whenever im not busy my mind starts to wonder.

Hang in there, you are not alone x

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I had my smear today (2 weeks for results) she said it all look ok and a nice colour. Do you think they can tell?

She then said my results will take 2 weeks.

What will they do if smear is clear but im still bleeding? :pensive:

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Can you please make gour own post?

Apologies - I’ve deleted it now!

So my test rest was notmal. The last time i had sex it was fine.

What happens next the doctors haven’t said.

Will they just leave it mow


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No replied is really sad…some people get so many replies.

Hi Sarah
Sorry to see you haven’t got any replies to your latest question, I imagine life gets in the way of people replying

So your most recent result was negative for HPV and no abnormal cells and you’ve not recently bled after sex?

I’m not a doctor but my best guess is there will be no further action
If you start to have bleeding after sex again or other unusual symptoms I would go back to your GP again and they may refer you to gynaecology to see if there is something else going on that isn’t related to abnormal cervical cells
Best :heart:

Don’t let them fob you off. Just because smear is clear, if you’re still bleeding after sex, that’s not ‘normal’ and if they can’t find a reason for it, push them for more tests. Or go privately if you can afford to, for a second opinion.

I trust them they were very good with me.

If they say all is ok then i believe them.


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