bit worried after unusual appointment

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, but I’ve been reading everyone else’s for a couple of months now.

I had my smear in September and it came back as ‘mild changes’, I went for a Colposcopy and was told that I also had hpv. The lady doing the colposcopy said everything looked mild except from a couple of small patches which were possibly high grade. She biopsies these and I went on my way.

The biopsies came back as CIN 3 so I went in for my lletz lats week, it was a different lady, a consultant rather than a colposcopy nurse, and she dabbed the iodine on and had a look and said there was no way she could do it in clinic because the CIN3 was too far spread (she showed me how nearly my whole cervix had changed) and that it had spread onto my vaginal walls above and below the cervix too.

So now I am having it done in theatre next week instead which is fine, but I don’t understand how two people could have seen it so differently (unless the nurse was lying?) I’m also worrying that I may have been ignoring some symptoms, such as pelvic aching, unusual bleeding which I always managed to convince myself was hormonal and occasional discomfort during sex (again, put it down to hormones, position etc) I know I had a biopsy, but that was by a woman who told me I only had mild changes, so I’m a little mistrustful.

Time will tell I suppose, but I was wondering if anyone else else had such differing opinions between colposcopy staff?


I'm sorry I can't shed any light just wanted to wish you all the best for next week xx

Hi, it's such a worry when you just don't know what they are looking for or at. Best thing you can do is ring them first thing and ask for the doctor to give you a call...then have a list of questions for him/her. I was terribly worried and I am still in a similar position to you. I spoke with the doctor over the phone, because I explained to the co'ordinator that I was really anxious... They were really nice and the doc phoned me back. good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing xx