Bit rattled and v confused

Think i posted in the wrong section so transferring here-

Hi all, am new to this site but have been in a bit of a state since my results and I wondered whether anyone who knows a bit more could answer some questions? (have a colposcopy but it is 2 months away)

Just went for my first smear aged 25 (i was vaccinated as a 12 year old so was expecting nothing) and found out i have high risk HPV and cell changes.

i have a couple of questions, about it all - which are going round in my head:

  1. why do i have hpv after being in a 5 year relationship? everything i have read says most people clear within two years does this mean it is chronic?
  2. if hpv is chronic, will i definitely get cervical cancer down the line?
  3. why is the Lletz offered more than other types of treatment? - can this cause impact sex life and fertility? i am only 25 so these are pretty important to me

Thanks so much xxx