Bit of Relief

I ended up going to my doctors last friday because I was upset, worried and in pain about everything that is going on and she agreed to do my smear test then and there even though she said it isn't something she normally does (she was quite abrupt and dismissive even when I explained that I am trying to be reasonable but obviously there is that worry that wouldn't go away). I explained about the pain and everything I experience during an examination and she said I just had to relax. I did my best but it was still extremely painful but it was over and done with.

Thankfully the results have come in today and they are normal. I am so relieved as that takes that worry off my mind but still this being only ectropian doesn't account for all of my symptoms.

I've had fresh bleeds this weeks some very very heavy (it could be a period but its stopped this afternoon so I doubt it) and I've had crippling abdominal and lower back pain feels like I'm being stabbed everywhere in my lower abdomen. Today I've been very dizzy and nauseous, suddenly getting extremely hot and needing to lie down right there and then or I feel like I'm going to pass out along with this pain. I'm having an ultrasound on the 16th May so hopefully that should help see if anything else is happening.

I hope everyone elses results come back with positive news and for those of you who have been diagnosed with this very trying disease, I wish you all the best in your treatment. Thank you for the support you have given me *hug*