Bit of reassurance please!

Hey, I just really wanted some reassurance.
I’ve been invited for routine screening and am quite frankly, petrified.
My first smear 12 years ago was abnormal, I had a colposcopy, no treatment needed and was retested after a year, this was normal. Went back to 3 yearly smears.
My next one was normal as was the next.
My next one in 2019 came back positive for HPV and low grade dyskariosis. I was referred for another colposcopy where the consultant reported no areas of abnormality found and put me back on 3 yearly smears.
Surely if I was positive for HPV I should’ve been re checked after a year to check if I still had it?
I questioned this with my GP but they said as my cervix was healthy there was no need as my body should clear the HPV on its own.
Now I’m so anxious about booking my smear as I don’t want to find out that I still have HPV and that I have severe cell changes.
In the past 3 years I’ve met my fiancé so haven’t had loads of sexual partners. Just wanted some reassurance. Thanks for reading.

Hi LizaJane and welcome

I think because the colposcopy showed no areas of abnormality it’s normal procedure to go back to 36 months recall, despite being HPV positive. You can check this using the flow chart in the following link:

I understand that being diagnosed with HPV can cause a lot of anxiety but this fairly recent system of HPV primary screening does reduce your chance of getting cervical cancer. We didn’t use to worry because we usually didn’t know we were HPV positive but, from personal experience, ignorant bliss can be a dangerous thing.

Hope all goes well for you.


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Thank you for your response!
I’ve taken a look at the link you posted and this has made me feel a lot happier.
I agree the HPV system is a lot better. I’m just such a hypochondriac and tend to think the worse even when there is no reason too.
I gather from your post that you have experience with CC so I thank you for taking the time to reassure me.
I’m dreading going for my cervical screening but I will book the appointment tomorrow as I know the alternative will be far worse.

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Defo good idea to book the appointment tomorrow - procrastination just leads to a build up of anxiety.


Note 're my statement above about 36 months recall following colposcopy with no abnormal findings (‘no CIN’). It’s my understanding that a 3 year recall following a ‘no CIN’ colposcopy is appropiate where the smear test showed low grade dyskaryosis or less. However there are other smear test scenarios where a ‘no CIN’ colposcopy requires 12 months recall or a discussion at an MDT meeting. See flow chart as per link above.


Thanks for your advice!

From the flow chart above I think because I had no areas of abnormality at my colposcopy and my original smear showed low grade dyskariosis that I was referred back to the 36 month recall as suggested. I’m sure if the consultant was worried she would’ve asked to see me in a years time from
my colposcopy?

It’s all so confusing and I’m so worried if my body hasn’t fought off the HPV from 3 years ago that abnormal cells will be found again.

I’ve booked my smear for next Wednesday.

Hi there
I know this is a bit old but similar to me. How did it work out for you? X