bit confused


Been for colposcopy and loop today. I said before even having the colposcopy that I would be happy to have a loop performed. Found it quite painful and found the local anaesthetic didn't work much. She said that the results will come back in 4 weeks. What are they testing for? Would the doctor know just by looking if there are cancerous cells. She said just to book a follow appointment in 6 months time. My cell changes were said to be moderate at my smear so guessing it is very unlikely it's cancerous.  Just all a bit confused and worried slightly. 

Thanks x

Hi hun, they'll be looking to see whether all the cells have been removed and to check that the smear was right, sometimes it shows less and rarely it shows something more serious. Think if it's something worse you hear back quite quickly, about a week. I'm 13days past my loop today xxx