Bit concerned.

Hello everyone.
Sorry for asking because I know that you can’t diagnose me over the Internet, but I am a little concerned.
I had my lletz 2 weeks and one day ago.
Today I am suffering from very bad lower back pain which has now evolved into back pain and period like pain.
I also have flu like symptoms, scratchy throat, shivers, sore head, sore chest and a wee bit of a temperature.

My period isn’t due for another 2 weeks. I am wondering if anyone’s period came that early after thief procedure? Also wondering if you think it might be an infection rearing its head and if I should go to GP- or is it safe to just put it down to a coincidence? As its flu season anyway?

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.




I too had flu symptoms after my lletz which I had on the 21st of December. ..if I remember clearly I put up the same post and you advised me it was flu season 

However I went to see my gp and they prescribed me two sets of antibiotics which I need to take for 10 days

Go see your gp just to be on the safe side 

Hope all is well xx

You're right!! I was looking for your post to See what the outcome for you was. I should maybe listen to my own advice! 


Thanks xx

Went to doctor. Have an infection, but not down there - chest ear and throat infection and the flu! Lol. Glad I went. X

Aww bless ya....

Hope u get better soon 

I think we both had treatment the same day!?


Yep 21st? have you had your results through yet?

are you feeling better after your infection? Xx

Yes feeling a lot better.....everything had gone back to normal...

Still waiting for seems like it was such a long time ago....

U dread answering my phone to private numbers I get so anxious and as for the postman he must think I'm a right nutter lol 


i completely feel the same - my husband has now started opening any letter that arrives addressed to me! 

any update for you?