Birthday Girls Anne and Claire (pollypocket)

I know Anne will throtle me for this but i’ll take the risk :wink:
Our lovely Anne and Claire have a birthday today :smiley: Many many happy returns to you both x I hope you both have a great day :smiley:


Hope you both have a fab day

Lots of Love,

Claire xxx


Happy Birthday to you both


Happy birthday you two i hope the sun shines down on both of you have a fab day you both truly deserve it!!

love n lots of hugz kaz xx :wink: :wink:

Hi Dee (daughter)

Yes mum will throttle you when she next sees you :wink: :wink: not really thank you and I intend having a good day after a scintillating council meeting on communication. :roll: :roll: Will definately need a bottle of red plonk to recover from meeting, then maybe a bottle to celebrate, oh what the hell another one to toast you lot as well think the head might be a bit bad in the morning. :roll: :roll: :roll: Happy birthday to Claire too hope you have a good day as well.

Take care
Anne xx :slight_smile:

ps we need a face for a hangover

Penblwydd Hapus i chi! (Happy birthday to you both)


hi girls

i was just reading through some older posts and spotted this 1. i was away on my birthday which is why i didnt say anything to this. whoops :oops:

anyway. as most of you know now i had fun but for those of you who dont, t in the park was fab and i got spoilt by the other half :smiley: champagne and posh chocs waiting on the bed in the hotel for me, loads of pressies as well as t in the park. was nice to get away from thinking about all this. only had a minor incident or 2 while there but all was sorted quickly so was ok :smiley: