I'm 25 had high grade dyskorisis ( if thts how u spell it) had to go for colposcopy yesterday not very pleasant they took two biopsys n burnt of the other cells. If they took biopsy does that mean they think theres a chance its cancer?  X

hya hun no they do them to test any abnormal cells. normally if it looks remotely like cancer to the eye they would mention that. they take the biopsy to determine exactly what stage your changes are. so they know what treatment is best. e.g. lletz or leave for 6months. hope that helps. x

Thanks for getting back to me yeah I thought that too but she was doing the lletz there and then and while she was putting chemicals on my cervix she said better take some biopsys too then burnt the rest away I should have asked really but was so over whelmed at the time it didnt worry me untill after im sure im worrying over nothing its just how she said it xx

are you sure they did lletz on the day? sounds silly but when she took biopsies she may have burn (corterized...however you spell it) the area to stop any bleeding. give them a ring hun just to ease your mind. they are there to help :) x

Yeah when I first got there she was explaining what they had found on smear then said where gonna treat you today using lletz and explained how they did it told me to get undressed etc then while she was lookin before lletz she said im jus puutin different chemicals on then said oh I better take some biopsys then she said ive taken two biopsys kwrry just need to burn the rest away then said thts worse bit over just need to stem the bleeding then u can get dressed, I should have asked at time but I had worked myself up into a flap n uust wanted to go home does that sound nornal though or does it sound like shes seen something odd nif she had surely she should have told me? Im sure everythings fine she would av said if not wouldnt she? X

no i do think that sounds pretty normal hun. depends how big the area is that she had to remove. she may not have been able to get a big enough area to test via lletz. maybe thats why she did the biopsy so it could be acurately tested. i had my biopsies taken in 1st colposcopy then lletz with the second so not 100% on that. but honestly you can ring ur colposcopy department to ease your mind. let me know how you get on.... i get my results this thursday finally lol x

I will do good luck let me no how u get on how long u been waiting for ur results? Xx

aww i will do hun, its 3weeks today so just over on thursday. so not long left lol. but i have had a lot of things keeping me busy in the mean time. lol. got a 2year old boy, 2dogs, doing a uni course... but the worst thing at the min its not even realted to cervix i had a mold removed last monday and got the stitches out yesturday and early hours of this morning my belly split open...yuk! haha so had to get that sorted so least my mind has been on that haha. sorry for going on its just nice to talk to someone other than partner haha. x