Biopsy's taken


I went for my colposcopy on Friday & had some biopsy's taken due to some changes seen on my cervix. The doctor said it could be CN1/CN2. What does this mean?!. The words, Pre Cancerous cells are so scarythat I didnt ask enough questions. Can anyone advise what this means & what I can expect?.

Thank you so much x.

Hi Jem,

Firstly do try not to worry to much. Pre-cancerous cells can take years to develop into cancerous cells and if yours are CIN1/2 then they are not that far on to be cancer.

If the biopsies come back as CIN1 they most likely won't do any treatment as it can be known to clear itself. CIN2 may require some treatment which will most likely be the Lletz. I had this under GA so I can't really tell you much about what the actual treatment is like if you have it under local.

The important thing to remember is they have caught this early on and they can remove them! You are in the system now and you will be checked regularly to ensure this doesnt develop any further.

If you need anyone to talk to feel free to message me.

I hope you get on ok and get your results through soon xx

Thanks Fiona, thats really reassuring. I may contact you again when I have some news.

Thank you xx