I had my first smear test in December (im 24) Ive had lots of gynae problems since having my daughter 5 years ago, including bleeding in between periods, Postcoital bleeding, pain and  a large cervical erosion. I asked for a smear test on many occasions but was refused due to my age. 

My first smear test come back low grade dyskaryosis and hpv positive, I went for a colposcopy and the doctor took a biopsy last week. Im really panaking about recieveing my results its all i can think about and i have been told i wont receive my results for 3-4 weeks, is it possible for low grade changes to be CIN 1, 2 or 3 from the biopsy results? Cry



Hiya :-)

I would imagine from this that your main problem is the cervical erosion. I believe that that can cause the odd bleeding episodes you mention. I shouldn't wory too much about having anything else sinister going on as well.

Be lucky



Fingers crossed thankyou, do you know if cervical erosion can cause an abnormal smear? xx

No an erosion does not cause an abnormal smear, it is a normal change that occurs on the cervix. In some women they can bleed after sex.