Hi all. Has anyone ever heard of a biopsy being incorrect? Especially if at the time it was taken the colposcopist says she couldn't really get a good sample? Thank you 


I haven't heard of one being incorrect but I guess it is only as good as the area they biopsy. However I guess and speculate that the colposcopist would look at how the solutions they apply react and biopsy any suspicious looking areas. I would also suspect that if lots of the cervix looked unusual they would want to do further treatment like lletz.  Why do you ask? What worries have you got? 

It might be worth seeing if anyone has had an audit of their results and whether that threw up anything.  my results are due to be audited over the next couple of months and I will be interested to see whether my original biopsy  was clear.

Hi. Well I had cin3 in April 2012 and had lletz, 6 month smear after that was clear. Not had 1 since. I started having symptoms again, mainly post coital bleeding and heavy periods so went back to the doctor. Had a colposcopy around May last year which showed this raw looking area which was bleeding, was clearly not normal. Anyway she biopsies it and it came back clear. But since then I have started having an unusual amount of discharge, it’s clear and doesn’t smell which I understand to be normal but it’s not normal for me. I’m also still bleeding after sex and having heavier, painful periods. And although the biopsy came back as clear I can’t get the image of what I saw on the colposcopy out of my head and as I don’t know what it is I can’t put my mind to rest. I’m thinking it could be a cervical erosion?
Yes that’s not a bad idea actually. Thanks for your reply.